The Aviation Market worldwide is growing with rising employment opportunities for the Licensed Aircraft Engineers. Airline fleets are growing as the number of travellers are on the increase. Statistics indicate that in the near future the aviation industry will have a high demand for Licensed Aircraft Engineers. EAU is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to conduct the A1, B1.1 (Aeroplanes Turbine), B1.2 (Aeroplanes Piston) and B2 (Avionics) Licence courses. These courses are based on the EASA PART-66 and GCAA CAR-66 syllabus. The course runs for a period of 3 years with an exit award possible after 2 ½ years to continue on a path to obtain licence.

On successful completion of the EASA PART 66 and GCAA CAR 66 approved AMEL courses two separate Certificates of Recognition (COR) (one for EASA and one for GCAA) and a Higher Diploma Certificate will be issued. The COR will be recognized in the EASA member states and the UAE.Upon completion of the COR, candidates are required to take Practical Maintenance Experience for 2 years on operating aircraft at an Approved 145 Maintenance Organisation to obtain EASA and GCAA licence in the category applied. EAU has tied up with Emirates Airline for selected candidates to obtain this 2-year experience.

Why enrol on this programme?

Based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in the next 20 years, airlines will have to add 25,000 new aircraft to the current 17,000 strong commercial fleet. By 2026, the industry will need 480,000 new technicians to maintain these aircraft. Clearly, the international market has a huge shortage of Licenced Aircraft Engineers.

EAU’s AME programme is approved by the EASA and UAE GCAA and complies with the PART-66 and CAR-66 syllabus.


The Higher Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance and the Certificate of Recognition is a dual award conferred by the Emirates Aviation University (EAU), EASA and GCAA respectively. The EAU award is recognised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai.

Career Prospects

EAU’s AME graduates will have better opportunity of employment. Their career path is tailored towards becoming Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. As the graduates obtain two Certificates of Recognition, they have opportunity to work as Licence Engineer in any EASA or GCAA approved Airline or Maintenance Organisation. Since the students also get Higher Diploma, they have opportunity to work in the Engineering Technical Services or Engineering Support Services of these organisation. EAU’s AME graduates also have the option of enrolling into a relevant bachelor programme at EAU on a part-time basis to further their career.

B1.1/B1.2 Duration is two and a half years.

B1.1 can be extended to B2 with an additional semester if chosen by the learner.

83,790 per year

  • Entrants must be 17 years minimum.
  • A recognised and officially certified secondary school certificate or equivalent, with a minimum 75% average, and a minimum of 70% score in Mathematics and Physics. Below 70% may be reviewed and subject to interview.

Or alternatively:

  • Five GCSE/IGCSE O-levels + 2 GCE AS-Level with minimum grade “C” in all OR
  • Five GCSE/IGCSE O-levels + 1 GCE A-level minimum of grade “D” in either Maths or Physics.
  • Original certificate for either TOEFL Paper Based (500); or TOEFL CBT (173); or TOEFL IBT (61); or IELTS (5) or PTE Academic (36).

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